How do i fast?



Our corporate goal is to see God move AGAIN in our lives, our churches, and our county.

As you set your goal(s) we encourage you to...

  • Be intentional in praying for God to Revive, Empower, Challenge, Awaken and Send the believers of Rome "AGAIN"
  • Read Psalm 85:6-13 daily during the fast

In addition to the corporate goal it is important to set a personal goal(s).

Here are a few questions to help you get started in defining a personal goal(s):

  • Is there a characteristic of God that I want to learn more about?
  • Is there something about myself that I want God to show me?
  • Is there a need I want God to meet?
  • What decision do I need God to provide clarity about?
  • What dream do I have that I need God to provide clear direction for?



The most important thing to remember when fasting is that...

HOW you fast is far less important than WHY you are fasting and WHO your fast is about!


Here are "4 Ways to Fast" that we recommend:  (click each to learn more)

  1. Full Fast
  2. The THREE
  3. Daniel Fast
  4. Media Fast



Preparation is  the key to success when fasting.

The EFFORT and SACRIFICE you put into your plan will determine the GROWTH you get out of it!

Have some conversations before your fast begins

  • If you have children, invite them to give input about what they might want to fast from and help them set a goal(s)
  • Talk with your family, especially your children, about what you are fasting from so that they will understand why meals, evening schedules, etc. are going to be different
  • Talk with a trusted friend about your fasting goals and what you are fasting from so that they can encourage and support you during your fast

Daniel Fast & The THREE

  • Meal planning is vital to your success! 
  • With your meal plan in hand - heading to the grocery store before the fast begins will help position you for success from day 1
  • Refer to the "Daniel Fast" for help with meal planning

Full Fast

  • Make a plan for how you are going to invest the time you would spend eating meals - such as...
  • In place of breakfast - Dig deep into God's Word
  • In place of Lunch - Spend an hour in prayer
  • In place of Dinner - Journal about what you learned during the day and spend time in the Word & Prayer 

Full Media Fast & The THREE

  • Make a plan for how you are going to invest the time you would normally spend on social media, internet, TV, etc... - such as...
  • Dig deep into God's Word in place of TV time
  • Stop and pray every time you would normally hop on social media
  • Spend some quality time with family or friends in place of TV or internet time

GET MORE IDEAS for your media fast plan



Any time we make sacrifices to seek greater intimacy with Christ, we can expect there to be difficulties along the way.

The best time to PREPARE for difficulties is BEFORE you ENCOUNTER them.

It is likely that during your fast you will experience...

  • Physical Difficulties
  • Spiritual Difficulties
  • Spiritual Attack from the enemy

LEARN MORE about how to prepare for difficulties